he Rochester Arts Exchange was active through Spring 2014; First Muse will continue to honor "RAE" ticket stubs for single ticket sales for its 2014-2015 season (within the one-year limitation as stated below). Email for further clarification.

The Rochester Arts Exchangecan make your ticket more valuable! Save your First Muse ticket stub and use it for a discount at participating  performances by other Rochester organizations.  Look for the “RAE” logo on our tickets and on other ticket stubs.  Each participating RAE organization will provide a special discount on a single ticket purchase when you present a used ticket or stub displaying the logo. 

  Receive 20% off a single First Muse concert ticket when you present a ticket stub from a different participating RAE concert series.
Valid on purchase of First Muse tickets at the door on concert evenings only.

Rochester Arts Exchange members:

visit  for a calendar of all season concerts.

  RAE Member organizations reserve the right to limit or cancel this offer without notice. 

It is valid for one year from the date of the event on the ticket stub.